Downloadable Forms

To help make the loan process easier, we have compiled several useful, downloadable forms for your convenience. Each of these forms can be downloaded or printed from most any computer or tablet. If you currently do not have a PDF viewing program in your browser or computer, please visit Click Here to download Adobe Reader.

Downloadable Forms:

Documents for Standard Loan Application: This will show you the types of financial documents you will need to gather up and eventually submit to your lender.

Standard Loan Application: This is the Standard Loan Application you can download, print, and fill out.

Borrower Certification and Authorization: This is the document your lender will need in order to verify income from your employer, bank information, and other essential information when processing your loan application.

Credit Report Authorization: This document is required by your lender to give authorization to request your Consumer Credit Report if verbal or electronic authorization has not already been given.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act: As an Equal Housing Lender, we are required to furnish this document to all our consumers detailing our commitment to extending credit fairly and non-discriminatory.

Fair Lending Notice: Heritage Home Loans does not discriminate in accordance to all fair lending laws.

Buyer Tools:

Interactive Household Budget: Use this interactive budget to plan for your future. Budget for your household, family, car payments, and insurance needs all in one, easy to use spreadsheet.