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Tis the season! A month long season of men in scruffy faces and women with hairy legs. No Shave November as well as Movember have officially started, and its not too late to join.

What does it mean? Why do people continue to do it year after year?

No Shave November and Movember are actually two different charities that fight for the same cause.


Movember was started by a large group of guys in Adelaide Australia in order to raise funds for charity. They decided they grow a mustache for the month of November.

Fast forward 5 years and a group of 30 men, also in Australia, started the Movember Foundation Charity in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men.

Movember, who calls their participants “Mo Bros” encourages an appearance altering mustache in order to spark conversation leading to knowledge of prostate cancer to be spread. The charity encourages not only annual check ups, but to check into family history and to live a healthier lifestyle.

This movement is active in over 21 different countries, landing in America in 2006.

The charity also hosts “The Moscars” online. In which participants can upload up a 4 minute video of their mustaches and be awarded with prizes for the best videos.

Movember has grown immensely and is backed by big name partnerships such as Visa & Jeep. They now strive for more ways to keep men healthy. Movember encourages men and women to exercise with their new Move campaign, which involves signing up online and setting a fitness goal to work towards all the while raising money for men’s health awareness.

They also have a sign up to host Movember events in your community, office, or circle of friends in order to get people talking about men’s health.

No Shave November

No Shave November Organization started on Facebook by the Hill family out of Illinois. Although No Shave November had been trending already, after their father died in 2007 from colon cancer, the Hill children decided to capitalize on the trend and start a charitable foundation in order to raise money for cancer.

No Shave November from humble beginnings, as asking for simple donations in 2007, has now partnered with the American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Since their start on Facebook they have been able to raise over 2 million dollars.

While Movember uses their facial hair as a conversation starter for awareness, No Shave November asks for participants to donate the money that they normally would use on grooming, such as waxes or barber cuts.

On their website you can create an account to officially register to the program, either single or build a team. You then can start your own fundraiser and compete against other people involved to raise the most money for the cause.

No Shave November continues to grow, and works to continue to raise money for cancer research, education, and treatment.

The Rules

The similarity between the two charities is to embrace your growing hair because those with cancer often lose theirs. However there are some differences to the way you do this between the two challenges.

The difference between the two hairy events, is that with Movember, its all about the mustache.

While No Shave November encourages everyone to ditch their razors and cancel their barber appointments for a full body experience, Movember is all about a mustache that doesn’t connect to your side burns. The mustache must be clearly defined!

No Shave November, is exactly as its name. Don’t shave. Anything. And then donate the money you would usually spend on grooming for the month.

Either way, the main goal is to raise awareness of health issues in men, and to raise money to help fight cancer!

What We Are Fighting For

Prostate Cancer

Coming from MedicalNewsToday.com here are some of the facts about prostate cancer.

  • After non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the US.
  • Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death among men of all races and Hispanic origin populations.
  • In the US around 209,292 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer per year.
  • Around 27,970 men die from prostate cancer in the US each year.
  • According to the American Cancer Society about 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.
  • Prostate cancer mainly occurs in older men – about 6 cases in 10 are diagnosed in men 65 years or older.
  • Almost all prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas – cancers that begin in cells that make and release mucus and other fluids.
  • Prostate cancer often has no early symptoms.
  • Advanced prostate cancer can cause men to urinate more often or have a weaker flow of urine.

Ways to Get Involved

You can be involved with the cause in many different ways! Just remember that you don’t have to be officially signed up on the websites to help the cause.

You can sign up through the Movember website to a few different things. Join the Move campaign in which you set a new fitness goal and track your progress. Host a Movember event, or you can sign up to grow your Movember mustache!

Sign up as an individual or as a team on the No Shave November website in order to make donations and share with your friends.

Go ahead and donate to any cancer charity on your own with the money that you have saved from not shaving.

Spark conversation with people when they notice your new mustache or beard and then inform them of the risks and prevention of prostate cancer in men.

Its a great cause, and a fun tradition that has formed in the past few years. Have fun and help save lives by participating this year!

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