Tile Floors : The New Trends And Its Benefits

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When you walk into someone’s home, one of the first things that you notice is the flooring. Especially if it’s amazing, or absolutely terrible. There are so many different options when you choose which flooring is right for you. Most popular would be carpet & linoleum. Why? Because they are cheap. People swoon over hardwood but the price that comes with it is awfully daunting. Tile floors are making e a huge comeback in the interior decorating scene. The reason this is, they figured out you can make it look like literally any texture.

What are my options?

Well first, let’s talk about the most common types of flooring besides tile floors .


Photo of girl walking across hardwood floorsSome people when choosing their floors are stubborn and claim they will have nothing but hardwood. There are many things that you should consider before going this route.

First, the great thing about hard wood is that they are a great insulator. They will absolutely retain heat. They are resilient and last a long time, but only with the proper care. The best part about hardwood floors is that it is the absolute best bet for resale value.

The biggest issue with hardwood floors is that they are extremely vulnerable to water and moisture. If you spill any liquid on the floor you will need to clean it up immediately. There is also potential danger of any sort of small leak that you aren’t aware of completely ruining your floors which could be a very expensive fix. Also the wood can end up becoming stained if a substance is left to sit for too long.

Hardwoods are also easily scratched. So if you have any animals running around, you can guarantee that the floors are going to get scratched up. You may end up getting it refinished more often than you should have to, which results in more money. But there is always the option of getting it refinished, which is a huge plus. Other floors such as laminate cannot be restored after so much wear.

Most importantly, hardwood floors are incredibly expensive, as you will see below the average pricing to install hardwood floors is around $4000. The highest price point of any of the other common flooring options.


Laminate is often thought of as a cheap alternative to hardwood. The average cost of laminate is $2700. Its very easy to install, although you do need to be aware of pattern repetition.

Laminate is definitely starting to get a better reputation as designers are starting to invest more to make the product look more realistic like wood and other textures. The price is increasing, but this hasn’t necessarily made the impact you’d hope when it comes to resale as it does with hardwood.

Laminate does hold up better to hardwood. It can be somewhat water resistant, easy to clean, and can resist stains. It has a wear layer that protects the look from dents and scratches. However, like we mentioned earlier, you wont be able to refinish the floors when they become worn.


Photo of kitten looking at the camera over carpeted stairsThe main thing that carpet flooring has going for it is that its very comfortable to stand on! It keeps your feet warm in the cooler months and just gives an all around feel of coziness.

With carpet you have a large range of different material to choose from and you can get it in a large range of prices. The average cost of carpet is $1500. Of all the flooring choices, this is definitely the least expensive option.

However, carpet can be very difficult to keep up. It does not stand very well against liquids and can stain very easily. If the carpet does get wet and is not tended to immediately, you could end up with mold  or mildew causing you to toss the carpet. You’ll want to be careful if you have pets. Were they to urinate on the carpet, the smell can be very hard to get rid of. The more often that it happens, the longer the smell will linger and can be impossible to eradicate. This can grow into a major problem, if it happens too much the urine will start to crystallize on the bottom of the carpet and can ruin the padding as well.

Lets talk tile! 

Tile floors, although more expensive than some carpets, is cheaper than hardwoods and most of the time even laminate! The average price for tile flooring is $1600.

Long Lasting

Tile floors are great because it lasts a really long time. It can last 10 to 20 years or longer with good care. However, unlike hardwood, it’s actually easy to take good care of tile floors. They require much less maintenance than hardwood does. They are very easy to clean as long as what you are using is non-abrasive.

Water ResistantPhoto of marble bathroom with tile floors

Also unlike hardwood flooring, tile is great because of its water resistance. This is the reason there is tile everywhere in bathrooms and kitchens! If you do install tile floor you do need to make sure that you get it has a glaze seal over it and the grout to keep it water resistant. Some tile comes glazed, however keep in mind that you will still need to seal the grout.

Easy to Fix

Another fantastic thing about tile is that if a tile were to crack or break, it’s pretty simple to remove the single tile and replace it with a new one!

Its healthy for you

Since you can literally clean them with a rag and water, tile floors are a great option for those who have bad allergies. Unlike flooring like carpet, allergens have a tough time sticking to tile. They also are non-toxic, if you install them with a non-toxic grout that is.

photo of vintage patterned tile floors


There is alot of hype about tile right now. The main reason is because there is so many designs to choose from. If you don’t want to dish out the dough for wood, get tile. Can’t afford marble? Get tile. Want a bunch of color? GET TILE!

Colors & Texture Styles

Laying it Down

Distressed WoodChevron

Well, tile floors aren’t perfect

You can’t have it all. Of course there are pros and cons to whatever type of flooring that you choose. One main problem with tile floors is, well it’s not very comfortable. Tile is not installed with any sort of padding like linoleum or hardwood is.

Another problem is that tile is very cold. If you live in a place with a substantial winter, then you might not like having tile floors everywhere. Although it does give you an expense to spurge on fluffy rug. Its also nothing that heated flooring mats couldn’t help with! Heated floors aren’t as expensive as you think!

Tile is also not the easiest flooring to install. Especially if you are a newbie at floors. Because of this, the price of installing a tile floors can increase from 25% to 50% with a contractor.

Tile is also a very, very heavy material. Because it’s so heavy, you should have a qualified professional come and check the integrity of the structure to make sure that it can handle the extra weight if its being installed on an upper floor.

There are pros and cons to each type of flooring out there. You will need to decide what is the best option for you in your home. Just keep tile in mind during the process. Check out the price comparison graphs below!


Installing Wood Prices


Installing Tile Prices


Installing Laminate Prices


Installing Carpet Prices




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