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Meet the Owners

Rande McMaster Mortgage

Rande McMaster

Sr. Mortgage Consultant NMLS #72167

Tim Windhorst Mortgage

Tim Windhorst

Sr. Mortgage Consultant NMLS # 51277

Tracy Windhorst Mortgage

Tracy Windhorst

Sr. Mortgage Consultant NMLS # 487563

Meet the Mortgage Consultants

Brad Patshkowski Mortgage

Brad Patshkowski

Sr. Mortgage Consultant NMLS#71298

Ty Windhorst Mortgage Consultant

Ty Windhorst

Mortgage Consultant NMLS #934314

Keven Martinez Mortgage Consultant

Keven Martinez

Sr. Mortgage Consultant NMLS #487492

Tony Byrne

Mortgage Consultant NMLS #1016763

Todd Phenneger Mortgage

Todd Phenneger

Mortgage Consultant NMLS #1363370

Adam Noone Mortgage

Adam Noone

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1635716

Hunter Zier Mortgage

Hunter Zier

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1616592

Mortgage Consultant Dinah Ford

Dinah Ford

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1654544

Carol Wirth - Mortgage

Carol Wirth

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1717034

Maggie Beye Mortgage

Maggie Beye

Mortgage Consultant NMLS#796295

Jason Schuster

Jason Schuster

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 1774712

Meet the Loan Partners

Tara Kautzman Mortgage

Tara Kautzman

Loan Partner II NMLS#1460523


Karen Hoadley

Loan Partner II NMLS #1140092

Robin Stinebaugh Mortgage

Robin Stinebaugh

Loan Partner II NMLS# 1688037

Melissa Wonch

Loan Partner II - NMLS #1705501

Ali Gonzalez Mortgage

Ali Gonzalez

Loan Partner I

Madison Anderson

Loan Partner I

Leona Mortgage

Leona McGhee

Loan Partner I

Katie Bannworth Mortgage

Katie Bannworth

Loan Partner I

Mindy Sartin

Loan Partner I

Monica Kope

Production Assistant

Bonnie King

Bonnie King

Production Assistant

Meet the Support

Crystal Windhorst

Specialty Loan Products Manager

Marie York


Maggie Beye Mortgage

Tia Lloyd

Office Manager


Kelly McGuire


Kelly Timm



Deanne Van Note