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U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Rural Development (RD) loans provide low- to moderate-income households with the opportunity to buy homes as their primary residence in eligible rural areas.




  • Competitive Interest Rates

  • 100% Financing

  • Lower Credit Qualifying

  • Low Monthly Mortgage Insurance

  • Low Closing Costs

  • Flexible Requirements

  • Up to 6% Seller Paid Closing Costs Allowed

The USDA RD Loan is a great profram to purchase a home with no down payment, and typically lower payment than other popular loan programs. The home must be in an eligible rural area defined by the USDA. These are typically rural unincorporated areas with under 50,000 inhabitants.

If you and your family make less than the maximum income for your area and family size, you would get into a home with no money down, and the home is in an eligible area, this program is a great opportunity.

Income limits and eligible areas change everywhere so its very important to talk to a loan expert about this option.

  •  Minimum Down Payment

  • Terms (Years)
30, 25,20,15 Fixed Only

  • Gift Funds Allowed

  • Eligible Homes
Single & Multi-Family, New Manufactured Homes

  • Seller Paid Closing Costs
Up to 6% of the Sales Price

  • Maximum Loan Amount
Determined by Income and DTI

  • Max DTI
29%/41% (Higher DTI’s Allowed In Some Cases)

  • Minimum Credit Score
600 Mid FICO

  • Availability
All US States, Only USDA Eligible Areas, Owner Occupied